Imagine this. 

You're coming home from a long day at work. The minutes couldn't have passed by fast enough. You barrel through your door, drop your bags on the ground, and fall onto your bed. 

You ponder dinner options for a split second, before the thought of walking to the refrigerator exhausts you enough to keep you laying for just a few minutes longer. 

Enter, Instagram. 

Cindy on a pristine white beach, cocktail in hand. Geo tag: Thailand

She looks like she's having so much fun. Why can't I go to Thailand? I don't have enough money to go to Thailand. I don't even have the time to go to Thailand. *sigh* I wish I were in Thailand. 

Molly's desk, decorated with flowers and champagne. Caption: Best 5 years working with the best people in the world! Love my job! #blessed

Welp, looks like Molly loooves her job. I wish I loved my job. I mean, I guess it's not that bad, but still.. I wish I loved my job. 

Jenn having a grand ol' time with her hot new man.

 Her boyfriend’s cute. Like, really cute. Why can't I find a guy as cute as that? They look so happy. I want a man like that.  

Kim Kardashian’s ass on a meme. 

She might be dumb as rocks, but man, she looks good. She must work out every day. Ugh, I should be working out every day. Why is working out so hard? I wanna look like that. 

Inside, the tiny voice grows in the back of your mind:    

“I want that! Why can’t I have that? That looks soooooo good.” 

and just as quickly as the thought enters your mind, it leaves. Your desire is rejected. Silenced. Filed away into one of the following folders: 

"Not for me" 

"Maybe next year"

or a classic favorite... "in your dreams"


It comes back again. The voice that dares to say:

"I want those things. I know I can have those things."

And on it’s brave days: "I know I deserve those things." 

It’s the voice of your wants. It’s the voice of your desire, and it’s telling you


And guess what? There is.

Well hello there friend

My name is Ann and I'm a life coach who helps people break the habit of settling, embrace what they truly want from life, and find the courage to make it their everyday reality. 

You. Me. 60 minutes.

Passion, creation, purpose, trust, and the courage to be real.

Are you ready?